Sunday, June 25, 2006


I really don't have much more to add to that at this time. ~A~ is probably damn dying up there, because we are hot as hell. I was enjoying myself earlier in the day-- it was AWESOME. I experienced the first balmy breezes I've felt since moving here, and pretty much lolled in that down on the beach. (great pix from that later when it's not 87 degrees in the house)

Yet the mercury continues to climb, and our peak heat happens at about 5 PM. Remember... people don't have AC here. Not even window units, usually... and our windows won't FIT window units.

I bet the mall is gonna be PACKED later.


  1. I won't even let you know what it was up here. But it wasn't so bad. I guess that's a nice way of saying it's been worse. *LOL*

  2. Shaaaa...only 24% humidity. That's a beautiful day. Wonder what 24% humidity feels like...

  3. Can you even IMAGINE what this place woudl be like humid? OMG. I really would be up in the snow meadow.