Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Garden Journal-- Charleston

In vegetable bed B

  • planted best boys, earl girl tomatoes
  • 3 marigolds
  • 50 yellow onions. it was already sprinkling when I started so I am hoping God will do the watering for me.

All seeds are germinating except butternut squash and the ones given to us by the Stinsons: chamomile, white chives, moonflower and rose of sharon. That's weird, but since they were "wild" harvests maybe they take longer? I peeked at Moonflower and there is activity there, so maybe it will work. That's the plant I want the most.

NO activity from my nasturtiums and cosmos on the slope bed. Will transfer my zinnia and four o clock there, and hope the stonecrops take off.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Garden Journal -- Charleston

  • P-daddy double dug vegetable bed B
  • Planted purple phlox, one marigold and two sedum on slope bed
  • Sowed nasturtium and cosmos seeds. Planning now to have the annual arden while growing in the mixed groundcover. Found 2 foot garden snake in slope (and it's shed skin) which creeped me out. Yuck.

  • P-daddy has bell pepper sprouting in 3 pots
  • Sowed more pepper seed
  • Purchased watermelon, yellow onions, blue lake pole beans, marigold and black bean seed.

  • Red cedar for rose bed mulch and path between vegetable beds
  • Learned border edging with 2x4s will be about 12 feet for 6.00
  • Purchased a roma tomato plant and a beefmaster tomato plant