Tuesday, June 06, 2006

P-Daddy and the airplane

P-Daddy will be out of town for the next three days. BLEGH BLEGH BLEGH! I hate the new job v. family time. It's running him into the ground, and I know it. If it were me, I'd like to think two nights in a Sheraton hotel room would feel like heaven, (clean, hot bath ALONE? cable TV without regard for ratings? chance to read a novel cover to cover??? oh goodness!), yet he swears he sleeps worse away from home. The way he crashes and sleeps in when he does return from a trip kind of proves it true.

I'll be missing mother's night out tomorrow, which sucks a$$. We finally got the yarn garden to let us have our yarn arts circle THERE, and this is the first time. Also, I am busting it out on T's (not ~T~) baby blanket. She just had her beautiful girl so I switched to crochet because I can move fast on that. I have to admit though, if I can devote myself to wearing the kids out tomorrow, then I can hang in my big giant bed tomorrow, watching movies and knitting a baby blanket. Maybe that won't be so bad.

D has been sleeping through the night for about a month now. Between that and the concerta, it's been nice feeling like me, and getting things done. (with the exception of the financial perfect storm, that is!) We're finally just now getting G's room installed. We hung the curtains and some of her decorations, took the louvre doors off her closet and moved it into an even better floor plan. She has such a tiny space, we really needed to maximize it.

N is in serious need of Mommy time. I am wondering if this is a middle child thing? Poor guy gets the short end of the stick almost constantly. He enjoyed his birthday week, but now he's back to NOT being the baby-who-needs and NOT being the gung-ho always-doing-some-new-thing oldest. I have to be smart enough to nurture what he needs. I still feel stupid about raising boys and now I have two of them.

Is this placenta guilt? He's so precious, and so open to learning and affection. I need to feel as connected to him as I do to the others.

The kids themselves are really close, though. I love watching the sibling love. I can see that in some adults I know, and I hope my kids grow up to enjoy each other and love each other that much.

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