Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eagles and Farmers and Deer, oh my

See this bird? It was in my backyard this morning. Chatting with ~A~, I got up to get some coffee. From my vantage point in the kitchen, I could see the entire breadth of the property and this guy flew in LOW....he flew beneath the level of the swingset bar and shot across the yard. I couldn't believe it. Seriously... bears and eagles and deer, oh my. ~A~ is currently chuckling at me because I am so enthralled. I have always lived in suburbia; camped in the wilderness of the Appalachians sure, but never LIVED somewhere where we had cool wildlife in the backyard. Rattlers, copperheads, mosquitoes and marsh rabbits don't count.

Happy Hunting, Mr. Eagle. Get yourself some chipmunk before they eat ALL my garden greens.

Speaking of greens, we went to the CSA farm yesterday so that G could visit her duck friends on her birthday. She enjoyed feeding the ducks their grass, blade by blade. She had one little duck friend in particular who was enjoying this lovefest. G communed with the duck while Nick ran around feeding the chickens stale bread from the farm store. P-Daddy wandered around between the kids, alternating hanging with the poultry and napping in the van with D. We got our farm honey fix and life was good.

I tracked down Farmer T and tried to set a month to redeem my GC to her farm share. Months before, I had a share but I had to let it go because I wanted to invest that money into the garden here. Well the garden is slow and I am having to buy produce I don't like. Even still, I didn't have the 500 up front to finance this, especially since the due date for the money was in May(FPS). She scoffed at that and said I had to spend the money for food anyway, and I said "well yeah, but not all at once." She made a face and said I could pay as I go, a suggestion on which I pounced like a farmcat on a baby chicken.

Seriously, even paying full price, the farm share is significantly less than 30.00 a week for organic produce. A LOT of organic produce. You can't match that in the stores, and frankly you'd have a hard time replacing the bounty we get even in conventional produce dollars. So right now I am loving some Farmer T.

So yesterday's G's birthday antics, directedby Miss G, went as follows:

pancake breakfast
gift from Mommy and Daddy
beach combing
into Tacoma for lunch at Subway
dessert at a safe ice cream shop in Ruston (found by Indiegirl)
farm time
toy store
home for opening Aunt Barbara gift
chocolate oatmeal for supper

Yowza. No wonder they slept in this morning

(Why does D prefer dog food to cereal? Tell me this?)

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  1. Maybe he's needing some of that horse meat nutrition.

    But I find dog biscuits better and they're good for teething and with beer.