Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday To YOU!

Today is G's sixth birthday. Six years old!

In a perfect event for a 6 year old's life, one of her top teeth fell out last night so overnight the tooth fairy came and left her some money under her pillow. Instead of the two quarters, she got a dollar because, you know, it's her birthday.

Her celebration will be on Saturday, so today is family time. P-daddy is staying home and we plan to beach it, and maybe go out to the farm to buy some honey. We gave her a necklace pendant like the one I always wear. They come from the sunken galleon Atocha. I just LOVE mine and I wear it almost every day. G loves the romantic story of how the coins came to be, and has for about a year fantasized about having one of her own.

Lest you think we're all bling and rollin' in the dough, the Atocha was a true motherlode find, which held many beautiful coins, jewels, artifacts and many more bars of purest silver. The silver bars, nice and sparkly, still don't sell all that well. The Mel Fisher company pressed the silver into replica coins and made skazillions of pieces of jewelry out of them. Those replica pieces are what G and I wear.

I'd like to get the little earrings! That would be cool.


  1. Happy Birthday - I can;t log on to TRT - so I will just have to say happy bday here~

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet girlie!!! You look so pleased with your present :) Chrissy