Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

It's that day again. Every year this day just ...ugh. I dont' mind about getting older really. Not in an annual fashion anyway. I just don't like the sag. This sag where I look like me, but droopy. The weight I can lose, so even that doesn't truly bother me. It's my face. I like laugh lines; the skin...heading South....the corner of my eye being imperceptibly lower than it used to be. That bothers me.

I keep waiting for the time in my life when I will finally be thin, finally be straight-teethed, finally be beautiful. Um, whoops. I am thirty five. Better jump on that project, yah?

In related news, today already beats the pants off of the infamous two-people-remembered-my-birthday-but-only-after-3PM year of 2004 (my wonderful Grandmother and my friend Danny--hmmm who does that leave out???) N the blueberry has in fact informed P-daddy that he will be taking care of Momma today. G gave me several pieces of art, including a knotted, beaded necklace which of course, I will sport all day. I am going to give myself a spa morning, where I dye my hair and maybe even shave because God has in fact given me an additional gift as well; it's forecast to be about 77 degrees today, which will seem like heaven to me!

I linked to another blog because it is just that funny. I love her joke here about comments, and sometimes I feel just that way. I get an awful lot of traffic for no one saying anything.


  1. Took you darn long enough to post!

    WOOT WOOT!! Wish I was there to take you out shopping!

    Happy B-day, Sistah.

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Woman!!! Wish I could spend the day with you!!


    a very bad friend!

  3. Happy Birthday Girlie!!! Sounds like the kids had special surprises for you, how cool. Enjoy your family.

  4. Happy, Happy birthday! Hope you had a good evening ;). I just realized I drove all the way to Gig Harbor yesterday...and never saw your zoo. Ah well. next time, eh?

    I didn't know how to edit the post earlier so I deleted it...sorry...

  5. If it's worth anything, I did think about you. I just wasn't around to let you know.

    Happy Birthday from one who's usually early but this year is late.

  6. Thanks chicas! It was a good day.

    *D*, I would love to go shopping with you but thankfully not for maternity clothes (not for me anyway!!!!!!!!)

    Want to know how scarring it was, ~A~? I still remember your gift from that year....a wolf prism. It's still on my bedroom sill (two bedrooms later) and just tonight G tried to score one at the Fred Myer because "you have one Mommy!"

  7. Sorry I missed the party. It was great to see you Wednesday though. That beer was awesome. I owe you one.

    And Happy Birthday! :)