Thursday, March 30, 2006

But I don't want to move to Massachusetts

I seriously doubt it would happen, but a job dh wants opened up. It's open NOW and we didn't think it would be open for another 5-10 years. It's located at his company's HQ in Marlboro, MA.

So I am stuck between dh's dream and what is best for the family as a whole. I honestly feel like I have had enough personal sacrifice this decade.

He's like "I wouldn't get it. I am not qualified." but he said that about this job, and he was their way favorite candidate.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I have a friend coming in from NY

We've never met but we've been friends for years and years. She has two boys the same ages as my big two, and she is due with baby three.

I've been trying to keep up with motivated moms, but we moved in to this house last fall and I am still not unpacked. Today was not a good day. I did laundry all afternoon and would so be done but I had extra to manage (see the poop story).

This evening though, my daughter reframed everything. EVERYTHING. I told her that it was past her bedtime and she needed to go to bed. She asked why I wouldn't go to bed with her, and I gestured at laundry piles and said "Honey I have got to get this done. I do not want to be embarassed tomorrow!"

She replied, very matter of factly, "Aw Mom, your friend knows how messy a house gets with with kids. She know it's embarassing to have kids."

First, I was awed by her trying to comfort me, and that for the first part she was right. My friend DOES know how it is. Then I felt pretty deep shame for her thinking for even a second that she embarasses me. I held her and let her know how grateful I was for her trying to help me out, but that I was in no way embarassed by my children.

Man. Talk about a REFRAME moment.

I caught poop

In my hand.

Fresh from D's air-drying undiapered butt, I caught poop.

Then, while I tried disposing of the poop, the toilet into which I deposited the poop I caught in my hand...overflowed.

I am not making this up.

Poop. Water. Everywhere.

I had barefeet. I had poop in my hand. I had an overflowing toilet.


Fast forward to the cleaned, scoured and now dry bathroom. To the tired Mom, listening to the whir of the washer and dryer with all the loads of poopy bathroom towels and robes. Listen to the three year old voice pipe,

"Mommy I pooped my pants."

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I have spring fever so bad


I have put in two bare root roses, and a transplant from a friend.

I took the over-wintered herbs out of their box (they thanked me profusely) and have them in their own spots in a nice area.

We bought this house in August, and the front yard was professionally landscaped with attractive native plants. All the weed guard vinyl is down, all the mulch is down. I am in heaven. HEAVEN.

WOOT. I think I am going to start seeds this weekend. YAY.