Monday, June 26, 2006

The hot as hell day

We started it at the beach, since hey that's what you do on glorious days. It was a -2.8 low tide at noon, which yields a lot of tidal pools. This one trip will generate a webpage of its own, but I had to post some pics here.

We live on geoduck central, and after exploring all the other life we could see (shrimp, three kinds of starfish, fish that hide in holes, mating dungeness crab, flounder, it goes on an on), we played find the geoduck. There are literally hundreds of them down there!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I love the pics of your kids. Answer a question for this landlocked mama.... whats a geoduck?

    saw the post below this and laughed to think that there ARE places that don't have AC. that's so cool... i wish we didn't have to have one. but it's georgia. we would die. :-D

  2. yo Sara, click on the title and you'll see a pic

  3. *LOL* Much fun.

    Now I have to figure out why blogroll doesn't update your fresh laundry. Weird weird werid.