Thursday, June 08, 2006

Miss Myra's Gun

I have been poking around the blogger universe lately and finding all sorts of random things. This one touched a nerve for me. Guns certainly meant something different to us then. Frankly, I am still somewhat nervous that we don't have one.

More to the point, I hope that when it comes, I will recognize as well as so many of these elders do that it is my time to go.

On another random blog, I found this: Oprah for President!

The text for the cafepress shop reads
With all the talk of Hillary Clinton possibly becoming the first woman president in 2008, we need to take action! Yes one woman can change the world, but let's not let it be Hillary... It should be Oprah! If Oprah ran the country like she runs her buisness, we'd be set for world peace!
Vote O in '08 and elect Oprah Winfrey for the first woman to run America! Spread the word, tell your friends, and write to Oprah and tell her she's the best woman for the job!
Here you will find t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and more to help promote campaign '08 and elect Oprah, because a vote for O is a vote for women everywhere.

It's so very tongue in cheek, but oh how I agree with it anyway!

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