Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Meet Bill

G got a fiddler crab from the beach and named him Crabbo. G loved Crabbo enough that his name made it onto P-Daddy's father's day card. Well, Crabbo didn't so much enjoy being housed with us, so I convinced G to let him free to make his way back down to the beach. G obliged, because she really is an "animal rescuer!" at heart, but that same heart was broken.

Sobbing into the phone with P-Daddy, she asked "Can we get me a hermit crab????? One that can live with us???"

Let's see. Sobbing Baby Girl. On phone with P-Daddy, which means...distance....inability to hug. Instant "yes, of course honey."

So while the little boys and I shopped for new shoes ("these make me run FAST, Mommy!!!!!" and "choooooooooochooooooooooooooo shooooooooooooooes! choooo chooooooo shoooooooes!" ) P-Daddy took the G to the Petco and bought Bill. You can see Bill's home linked above.

G chose the name, and I have no idea where it came from. But Bill seems to like G, so all is well.

Rest in peace, Crabbo!


  1. Do I *have* to meet Bill? As long as he's not a free-range hermit crab...

    Whoa boy. P is such a sucker for his girl.

  2. I think P is just a sucker for his kids.........because I know "R" would have done the EXACT same thing!!! I can't even tell you the stuff my kids can get out of him!!!

    I am glad that G is happy!!