Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poop and a 4 yr old

This should raise the eyebrows of the weirdos who have surfed into my log after google searches for "caught poop" and "poop on foot." Sicko fetishists.

Right now. As we speak. My son is in the garden lean-to pooping behind the lawnmower. It's his "fake bathroom" he says.

This. Is. Gross.

He uses the gargantuan maple leaves we have to clean little naturalist. I don't know whether to be horrified or think he's clever.


  1. As long as he doesn't wipe with poison oak..........let him be the naturalist he is!!


  2. What is it with boys and the outdoor bathrooms? My boys were the worst/best??? I think at 24 & 27 they've outgrown it....but I'm not about to ask TMI.

    It's so much fun getting a glimps of your wonderful family! Hug those great kids for me!