Friday, July 15, 2005

The Littlest Lactivist

N, D and I were playing on the bed this morning when D became fussy. I was on my back, giving him airplane rides, and N wanted me to put his brother down to sit beside him. I still had D in the air above me as I said "No, honey, he just wants to nurse."

N jumped over to me, yanked open my nightgown and pulled out my breast to hand to D. "Here's your nursey, baby!"

Friday, July 08, 2005

Complete Drama




over this: :\

G was (very very past tense) helping N make his bed when she decided that she should have "the prettiest one" pillowcase. They got into a tug of war fight over it at the top of the stairs. No hitting, thankfully, but much screeching.

This was already on N's bed and she removed it from his pillow and was making out the door with it. He stopped her, because he too, dearly LOVES this pillowcase.

Seriously. She screamed in her room for an hour, until she was wracked with coughing, because she had to "have the prettiest one" and "Mommy hurt [her] feelings"

My Goodness. I guess it COULD pass for Monet-ish, but LORD that's an ugly pillowcase!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Op Ed in Tacoma News Tribune

They published my letter to the editor!

"Hospital’s policy makes natural event more dire

Federal Way
I commend The News Tribune for Alex Otto’s July July 24 article regarding the VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) policy at St. Joseph Medical Center.

To a mother of three, it is disheartening, to say the least, that a house of healing would want to turn a natural event into a far more dire surgical event.

I am completely taken aback – in a positive way – at how you have chosen to present this story to the community. This is just the kind of socially responsible, encouraging journalism that we need."

Monday, July 04, 2005

Amazing Persimmons!

“Happy 4th of July!!!!!!” is G's battle cry today. Whenever there is a holiday, she is the beacon of holiday cheer. Today we had a very laid back, but very satisfying Independence Day. And it was an independence day!

P stayed home and we just pretty much hung out as a family. We'd planned to go out of town but crankyvan is being resistant to the idea. My friend ~A~ , razor sharp as always said "We do have a tow truck company, you know!" She is one funny lady.

nikirj and her brood came over for a few hours since her husband went to watch War of the Worlds in the theater. The kids splashed around in the inflatable pool and had a sandwich lunch while nikirj and I looked over house plans. The grownups had gyros, grilled hot dogs and grilled chicken. D ate his first meat today, grilled chicken. The little piggy had about ½ ounce of it before I cut him off. Animal protein at 6 months can’t be easy to digest. But he thoroughly enjoyed it, smiling broadly as he closed in to eat. Little baby. Just wants to be a big kid NOW!

After nikirj left, and despite the fact that G and N utterly blew off their naps, we took them to see the Federal Way fireworks at Celebration Park. It was the closest the children had ever been to a show and the biggest I’d seen. At times, despite us being outside the park by a block, we felt the fireworks were going to drift into the car. N, bearing his Buzz Lightyear doll as a shield, alternated being thrilled and terrified while G shouted “Amazing! PERSIMMONS!!!!!!!!!!” I don’t know where she got that but it was ADORABLE.