Friday, May 20, 2005

It's a wonderful life, folks!

What a wonderful life. I am afraid to admit that this move has turned our life in the right direction. Life is nearly idyllic here. We have fresh air, green trees and mountain views. We have a wonderful little family with good kids and good friends, albeit some who live thousands of miles away.

We are starting to make new friends here, too. NC is a woman who has a 5 yo daughter, a 3 yo son and a baby a week older than D. She and I shared a midwife and we both had home births for the most recent babies. All the kids get along GREAT.

N potty-trained (thank you GOD!!!!!!!) just shy of his third birthday, and was amply rewarded. Danelle and Charles came to visit that week and so they were her for N’s birthday party and to see him go play in the IKEA ball pit for the first time. That was his big giant reward. He was truly beyond excitement. It's a great ball pit.

D is still perfect, but oh I wish he would go back to sleeping through the night. He did for a little while but then got sick and now won’t do it anymore. I am considering putting him out of the bedroom to see if he just wants his space, like N-baby did.

G and I are sick today. I think I have a sinus infection and she’s not too far behind that. Yuck.

I have been seeing a chiropractor and the difference in daily life is frankly amazing. I am grateful for the surcease from pain. I hope whatever we are doing there will help me in the long run, not just while we see this guy. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t walk without pain.