Sunday, January 16, 2005

G is a Mommy now

She has really embraced her baby dolls now, one in particular which she has imaginatively ( hah ) named Newborn.

She'll stroll the baby into the room and introduce herself, and ask me my name. Then she'll introduce Newborn.

Wolfmeister(AKA Mrs Feduppica): What a lovely baby. Where did you have her?

G: Oh, at home.

W: Did you have a midwife?

G: No, no. I did it myself. I was just walking through my bedroom when she fell out of my pee pee place. I had to just pick her up and love her!

Color me Tired

Color me tired. D has hit his two week growth spurt and is nursing almost constantly, day and night. I am not getting engorged, and the little tyke has turned into a laundry-generating piss pot. He's eating a LOT. This boy is trying to keep up with his linebacker older brother.

Did I mention he is perfect? When sleeping, D is indistiguishable from newborn G. When he's awake he just looks like himself. That's so fascinating to me.

G is (almost) perfect and N is (almost) perfect. G is very in love with her dollbaby, Newborn, and is a very good mommy to her.

N has finally started loving Mommy again, largely because I can play with him once more. Pain-free is good!

P is happier now that baby is here and he can really dig into new job. It means some nights away, but I can handle that I guess.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Perfect Smiles

D has been smiley since he came out, but I don’t think anyone could argue now that his smiles aren’t social. Yesterday he was in quiet-alert state, holding eye contact with me, when he curled into a big open-mouthed smile. Then he came back to staring at my eyes. That was a SMILE for me. THRILLED me.

D’s birth has been very healing for me. I am just in love with all my children.

I have three children!

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Yesterday D’s cord stump fell off. Today he got his first bath. He’s developing the chubby cheeks and he’s unfolding his little legs. It’s such a miracle. Our last baby.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Heavens Awake

Some days just change your whole reality.

DGF was born at 10.55 PM on New Year’s Eve. We should have had faith that as one of our children, D would choose to emerge on a holiday. This is, after all, P’s son! Free parties every birthday for the rest of his life!

Contractions started at 2.15 in the Super Mall of the Northwest. The running story is that the fact that this mall is in fact an outlet mall, sent me over the edge and into labor. The prices were very good! After long (for me) and difficult (posterior cervix that just wouldn’t move forward) labor, D emerged into his parents’ hands in a water birth, at home, nine hours later. G was able to cut the cord (with Daddy’s help) and hold him within seconds of his birth. He weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 21 inches long. He’s perfect.

I hope his tiny body can contain all the love we’re throwing at him—all of us, including N—adore him, and this week has really blessed us with love and togetherness.