Monday, February 21, 2005

Balance Coming

I feel like a big moron but I still ache when I look at pictures of our Charleston house. The closing went through at the end of January, and everything went fine. We didn’t even have to make repairs, really. But the fact that someone else is living in the first house we ever bought as a couple makes me sad. I am homesick to a certain point too, which doesn’t help. The picture that set me off this time was a picture of my 22 weeks pregnant belly taken in the kitchen. It’s low lit, and it just feels so homey. This rental doesn’t do it for me, despite how into routine we have gotten. It even gets messy here now!

D is still perfect. He finally outgrew his layette this week so I have clothes of his to pack away. That’s truly amazing to me. Today is Monday and he will be two months old on Friday.

G has been struggling a little bit with how little time I have to give her. She’s been definitely bratty a lot more lately but she’s trying really hard to keep her chin up. Feisty is an understatement when it comes to my girl, and I know it. But I still wish I could give her what she wants along with what she needs.

N is close to potty training. At this point I think it has to do with his own laziness. Everything is in place; he just has to decide that he wants to just be done with it. Personally, I wouldn’t want to walk around with crap in MY pants. He’ll get to that place soon I am sure.

P spent the entire day putting together a tiny little swing set for the kids. I am so grateful they have something to swing on. It’s weird to look at that tiny thing compared to what we used to have but at least it’s something! And it’s THERE! It fits well into this tiny little back yard. We have got to get some land. I am not well prepared for how close people live together out here. Drives me batty.

I am bitching which is actually a good sign I think. I am no longer so desperately homesick that I cry a lot, and that routine I was talking about has helped me out. I have gotten more involved with the Montessori materials again and that’s a GREAT thing.