Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thank you notes

Every year I intend to send thank you notes. Pre-children I was scrupulous about them. After children, we never received them from other families so after a while, I got into the lazy habit of ignoring that nicety. Some parents even complained that our thank you notes made them feel bad. Ugh.

This year, I don't care. I have to go back to the thank you note situation, at least with G. She can write now and she's old enough that I need to teach her how to be a gracious adult (eventually). My idea this year is to take shots of G using each of her gifts and print them out, having her write Thank you beneath the picture. The presents she received were each so very appropriate to her, both in her personal interests and to our lives as unschoolers.

Right now, she is painting pottery pieces into which she will plant wheatgrass for a windowsill garden in her room. Even blog readers who never met us know how perfect that is for her. Painting Pottery? Gardening?
neither rain nor sleet nor head of bed will keep us from our appointed painting

This shot is from yesterday: a music box for her jewelry. Instead of a ballerina, it's a dragon. Yeah, just see the title to the blog.there's a little dragon nose peering back at her

Nikirj sewed her a hooded cloak that glows in the friggin dark. COME ON! I thought I had shots of that but I don't yet. Mwahahaha. Maybe we'll be the freaks of the campground this weekend.


  1. Good luck. I'm still writing thanks from the baby shower...that was MARCH.

    I do like the photo idea though.

  2. Awww, she look magical. Thanks for sharing!! I'm glad she likes her bounty. She was a joy to see.

  3. Ahh the joy of thank you notes.. Hailey wrote thank you notes for the first time this year and she didn't quite grasp the idea of why it was the right thing.. Saying Thank you to their face should have been enough in her 7 year old mind..
    ~G~ looks like she is very natural at gardening and painting.

  4. We did that this year for T birthday, then I remembers we didn't have msot of the addresses to the once we mad thank u notes to. So we made them, they jsut never got out.

    Mailing is the hardest part