Friday, June 01, 2007


So ok, sunburns don't feel good at all.

But I put on SPF 30 before I even left for the park. Niki reapplied SPF 30 for me the second we got out of the car.

And still, I burned, in what, ten minutes?

The kids reacted well to the high SPF- sun combo and look like little brown things. Iy. Maybe I won't peel.

I don't care. I have NEEDED the sun and I am happy to see it!

I loves some Niki family. I needed yesterday so much. These are some pictures Niki snapped!


  1. *ahem* I swear you had visibly reddened in 5. It just took 10 before I started yelling at you to put the darned shirt over your shoulders.

    We had fun too :).

  2. OWIE! I know that pain. I have YET to find a good combo for me. I mostly just stay covered up, yup-I'm the crazy lady garbed head to toe at the beach.