Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Specialty Nurseries in Washington

I have been to Rosedale Gardens, and it is worth the trip. It's truly lovely most of the year. They have a bronze statuary all over their multi-level property that is phenomenal and heart-touching. These are the people who gave me my garden book.

I am also fully in love with Molbak's, and the plants we have sourced there have outperformed any I have ever purchased anywhere else. But I am interested right now in the odd. The focused. The specialty nursery.

Here are specialty nurseries I plan to visit this year, before the rains come.

Fairie Perennial Gardens, in Tumwater.
from their site: The name "Fairie Gardens" was chosen to reflect Dave's and Steve's commitment to gay conscience raising. We believe it, like the gardens, reflects the magic of diversity and human community. The Gardens have evolved into a series of distinct garden rooms surrounding the old bulb farm, and a plant lovers dream destination where you can step from the cool shade of secret and tranquil gardens and into the bright sun of Alpine and Dry Gardens. Fragrance is everywhere, almost 12 months of the year. We see the Gardens as a small part of Gaia, or Mother Earth, and human beings as just one part of this Living Earth, intimately related to the plants and other beings that dwell here.

Jungle Fever Exotics, in Ruston
This place is a lot close to me and I pass it often. It reminds me of home from the outside but I am sure that sense of familiarity will be removed when I actually go in.

Big Dipper Farm, in Black Diamond
I just discovered their website and I am in love. I now have a local online reference for everything.


  1. oh the big dipper farm site is so cool

  2. Molbaks. *sigh* I grew up near there and have many wonderful memories of time spent among the plants.