Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dancin' Queens

G's birthday party was a huge success, despite getting rained out. We had this elaborate carnival party planned out, with different "booths" for food and beverages, at which the kids could purchase goods and services with tickets we provided at the door.

Then came the 80 chance of rain--that delivered.

Whoops-- move it inside, drop half the activities and call it a dance party. Yeah, that will work!

Thanks to MackAttack for taking the pictures for me, to the Brazilian Goddess, hubby and TFM for manning the dressing room, and to Nikirj for helping me with the sleepover portion! Fun times!

See my cake. See my Big Cake.

G received gifts that were perfect for her personality!

We must be properly decorated for Disco Dancing.

Attack of the balloon-eating shark daddy. You think there were a lot of balloons there? Shah...

One of the Daddy guests didn't believe me when I said we'd be dropping the balloons on the kids to ABBA's "Dancing Queen." Silly man. We never joke about Dancing Queens.


  1. Awww that looks awesome!! Love the music. Hope she had a blast (and you weren't too tuckered out)

  2. Awww! I LOVE the balloon drop. All that was missing was the roller skates. LOL!

  3. Dancing queen is SERIOUS business!