Sunday, June 03, 2007

Graham is officially reading now (6)

Graham is officially reading now (6)

We've been doing very, very basic books, but I could tell she was making the connections in her head. I handed her a silly Dick and Jane book she hadn't read before and she sounded it all through. I love watching it, because she doesn't half-ass it. She doesn't just sound it out, she rereads the sentence to get the meaning.

There's a story in there about a boy who needs to go into the house but his hands are full. He calls out for Mom, but the dog ends up opening the screen for him. Graham discussed it and said "I wonder where the Mom was that she couldn't hear him? Maybe she was on the computer, (insert Mommy wince) or changing a diaper. Or mayyyyyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeee," she ducked her head conspiratorially and grinned at me, "she was teaching someone to READ!"

Then we giggled like maniacs and she went back to her book.

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