Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cool Mom

Cookies and pretzels and kool-aid go a long way toward neighborhood status within the 5-9 age group. Heard today while I walked away from dousing the neighborkids with snackage outside:

"Your Mom is so cool."


  1. They're right, you are pretty cool. ;)

    I'm tagging you! 5 things meme

  2. Just so you know food is always the way to coolness with the kids.. even as teenagers all they want is food!!!

    I think you are cool sans the snacks!

  3. I agree! I brought out koolaid the other day because we got some as a present for H1's Bday and all the neighborhood kids and mo's were like... yummmmmmmmmmm....

  4. Is there really and truly... *ANY* bigger compliment than that?

    :) :)

  5. You are a cool mom! Seriously, I love reading your blog and all you do with your littles! You are setting an excellent role model for these kids to follow in! Rock on Cool Mamma!