Thursday, June 28, 2007

Singing in the Rain

Don't think musical gaiety on the stage, think Enya in the mists. Today s the exact kind of beautiful, steady rainfall that nourishes gardens and stimulates my mind. What a beautiful day. It reminds me a bit of home, because it is both raining and warm. I want to paint, to bead, to read with my children.

When we were in SC that's what we would do every rainy day: curl up in the master bedroom and read book after book. It was a daily summer activity. We truly did follow the rhythm of the natural world in some ways, even then.

Yesterday I went digging through the archives on a parenting board I used to frequent, and found some cute vignettes I put on my own blog. So even though they're not at the top here, I blogged a lot yesterday. They are here:

Complete Drama
First Time Mama
N's Johnny Song
Dirty Boy
When Your Baby Was Born
Confetti Diaper
Sparkling Pee Fountains


  1. The rain today is lovely. And much needed. I think you've got the right idea, stories in bed today!

  2. I love that too. There is nothing like all the kidlets snuggled around you with a huge pile of books.

    Question - used to frequent - are you not planning on being there anymore?

  3. I wouldn't say any of us "frequent" it. LOL

  4. good - I don't think I would feel right about losing sometimes what I think is another me in another life. There has to be some additional link for us to go through way to many of the same things, even though we have taken different paths.

  5. I frequent it every day.....i just don't have the time to respond.