Friday, June 01, 2007

Babies and Rainwater

From MamaMidwifeMadness' blog:

I'm so impressed with mamas who homebirth their first babies. they make me wish that I had enough knowledge and sense to find a midwife and do the same almost 5 years ago instead of stepping into the shitstorm which was my first pregnancy and birth with OB's and hospitals.

Best question today was from a primip (expecting her first baby) who is figuring out how to have a waterbirth when she has no mains water supply and depends on small rain water tanks...

"Is it safe to wash babies in rain water?"

If that doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will.

What a beautiful life you have to be living to even ask that question. Marvelous!

And I agree so much with the sentiment of first-time homebirths. I truly wonder sometimes how much different our lives would be had we just had the babies at home, especially with Nick, when we did know better. I am so proud of Danny. So proud.

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  1. Even with the SD, if I had to do it over again at home, I would. No doubt in my mind. It's only because we chose a home birth that both babe and I are doing so well. And I find it totally gratify that my DH, an MD, agrees.