Sunday, June 10, 2007

Homeschool Scouts

Typical of our birthday parties, we spend an afterglow period down at the beach.

G had two girlies for a birthday sleepover, so after a hashbrowns breakfast we all traipsed on down. It was a gloriously sunny day, a sharp contrast to the grey haze of the day before.

We set up a day camp, complete with a windbreak and a fire. The kids, all of whom are homeschoolers, did most of the work setting up the fire ring and gathering appropriate fuel, so we quipped we were the home school scouts. We must be. All the kids had technicolor hair by the end of the day point.

The morning-after glaze. Toddlerness decided that Mackattack's daughter was her best friend and behaved accordingly. The feeling was definitely mutual.

Yes, I had her mother's permission to do this to her hair!

Homeschooler Corp d'esprit

Day Camp. I promise I am not flipping Nikirj off.

Yes. Even the toddlers.

One learns something new every day. *I* learned that no matter how good the quality, corn dogs are still nasty to me.


  1. Don't lie, you're flippin the world off.

    What gorgeous pictures!

  2. Looks like you had fun.. and I agree you are flipping everyone off.

  3. Nah, that's just her, COME HERE DAMMIT, look. LMAO.

    yeah...i've gotten those fingers a time or two...

  4. You should most definitely take the cloak camping. Extra night-light! And if you reverse it, it is water-repellent :). Oh, and you can take some marketing shots for me in case I decide to sell some of them over the summer to pay my way through midwifery school. A couple days of school, anyway. Damn expensive grumble grumble...