Friday, May 04, 2007

I shudder to think where I'd be without my friends

They've been particularly kind to me this week in my transportation-less and resulting mentally fragile condition.
Mack came for Lunch with Friends Wednesday again, and bolstered my spirits there while we listened to the toddler mariachi band. Again. Her little boy is so eloquent he makes my kids look like slow talkers, and they're definitely not.

Nikay brought me down (so not fair, so not fair, so my travellin' turn) some visitation and tomato starts (enough to share with the rest of you South Sounders btw). We played with beads yesterday while the children enjoyed the company of like-aged homeys. Nikay is dipping a toe into the crazy-ass real estate market here and she's probably, for the first time, as frazzled as I am because of her exposure to the morass they call "the market" in Puget Sound. I have much compassion for her new found affection for their cabin in the woods.

Today, The Green Mama came to visit in her own new found freedom as her dd's schedule has suddenly been freed into "Yay! Friends! We can DO things!" We traded kitchen gadgets, war stories and bean recipes. And yes, played with Beads. We also chatted about homeschooling, which is always a favorite past time of mine.

I have been obsessed with my beads lately. It's been a long standing love of mine, and I do mean LOVE, but I haven't been producing anything for years. Suddenly, BAM! I am back in the swing of things, stringing beads and feeling the inspiration. It's been a joy. I think planning Snaygirl's mother blessing and searching for just the perfect beads for her labor necklace must have turned a switch back ON.

I finally finished the Brazilian Goddess' earrings and felt like I owed her a little interest, so I strung a matching bracelet. The beads are freshwater pearls, garnets and fused cobalt glass works.

Unable to be with her, I made Dalicious a labor gift of her own, also of freshwater pearls and charms, with a goddess anchor.


  1. Those are beautiful, ~L~, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I too am grateful for friends. :) It seems we can easily lose sight of the depth of meaning each one represents in our pathway.

    I appreciate you!

  2. I agree with What Leti says..
    Friends become family when we are not watching.
    The bead work is absolutely gorgeous! I am glad you are my friend!

  3. Aw, gals. BIG hugs to each of you, across the miles.

  4. Did someone say tomoatoes?

    I to am very very grateful for friends;)

  5. What talent! Wow!

    rtyc: Your comment came at such a strange time! I would have loved, loved the bed for Mila, but we just got her a Dora one off of Freecycle last friday!! Darn it, darn it! Thank you so much for thinking of us.

    --Tamera = )