Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Well Tuesday didn't happen

Wednesday is winding down and I still don't have my van back. We have some very odd vehicular issues. The same thing happens again and again-- LONG stretches without a vehicle for Lory-- no matter how new or well maintained the vehicle is. I guess there could be worse things with which to be saddled, but it does make like ...inefficient.

today we had hailstorms-- two of them-- in which the sky grew swiftly dark and belched out large, pea-sized hailstones. It was so white on our porch that ~D~ thought it was snowing. Then it would revert back to sunny, blue skies. April showers bring May.....hailstorms?


  1. Maybe all your vehicular issues is fate trying to tell you to get a horse and buggy.

    It could work!!!

  2. Freaky weather...

    *hug* Hope the van is working soon.

  3. GRRR! I know what its like to have vehicle issues. Hope they are resolved soon :)
    PS ~ I love *t* idea ;)