Thursday, May 24, 2007

Slow Start, Vibrant Day

The parents of more than one child (and a few of singletons) will understand this next statement:

I got up at 8.13AM today.

Wow. That was unusual.

Today we put in the sunflower house, and found a few hefty Jerusalem artichokes while we did. I left two that we didn't accidentally decimate, and see if these grow into full-out sunflowers. Tonight, I get a tasty sage butter dish. We planted Dwarf Sunray varietal between the Mammoth Grey last year so that the kids would get some flowers at their head-height. So that's how it works!

I also put in the rest of our Brussels sprouts and the globe artichokes

~G~ and I started our earthquake unit today. I shouldn't call it an earthquake unit, since we'll include the requisite clay-baking soda-lemon juice volcanoes as well, but this is the kit we're using to start it out. I love love love multi-discipline units, and the one we're starting has it all: reading, writing, art, science, history, culture. Yum.

I will include ~N~ as much as he wants, but he's been definitely diverging his interests from his sister's, so our brief sojourn into "class" as they wanted it, is over for now. It works for me, because ~G~ has been getting held back a lot from where she wants to go intellectually, while the boys clamor over us during her more indepth studies. I am taking this natural space and running with it. She really deserves it, and the boys deserve to PLAY. We all win.


  1. you woke up late and still managhed to actually do somethign worht doing????

    where do you buy your meth and do they ship to TX?

  2. Oh what a ovely day this sounds like! We planted red potatoes and harveted our firt radishs of the season Oh and discovered hundreds of vounteer inch tall heirloom tomatoes . Chiching!! Mayb some moola at the market!! You had such a cozy pst today! Peace, Windinthecedars

  3. You woke up after 8??? Oh how I long for mornings like that...

  4. I wish the Tater and G could brainstorm together . . . can you imagine what they could come up with? Sigh . . .