Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Indeed

We don't make a large spectacle of Mother's Day here, largely because my own matriarchs are far away, my kids are too small to DO the big stuff and I would never want to participate in the take-Mom-out for overcrowded, over-priced brunch and give her an over processed, over-priced bouquet. I love flowers as much as anyone, but as Nikay noted in her rant on the subject, I personally don't "love watching flowers slowly wither and die in a vase on the kitchen counter." While I don't share her consternation for the day, I do prefer the celebration it brings in our house: little faces glowing with the anticipation of doing something for Mommy on "Happy Muvver's Day!" I love the hand-drawn cards and tightly knotted bead necklaces; the clumsy cuddles and kisses, and the happiness I see when I tell them the same true story every year, that I wouldn't be a mother if it weren't for them.

Furthermore, I fully enjoy the free pass from changing poopy diapers.

I have two distinct Mother's Days that stand out for me so far: 2002 and 2006. In 2002, I woke up very early to birth a baby by 7.21 am. It's quite impossible ever to top that.

In 2006, P-Daddy colluded with the children to purchase three rose bushes. I love roses, and to have one for each child just thrilled me. He gave me a card that would look kitschy to anyone else, but was beautiful to me. So last year was nice. Traditionally I garden on mother's day, but this year we ended up just going to Rosedale gardens and tooling around there, me sporting my newest necklace, of course.

Mother's Day indeed. Today, our niece labors in a hospital in Michigan with her waters broken. Another friend has pink-tinged CM. I don't really hear from another friend due this month, so I don't know how she's doing, but my Danny in Charleston, due tomorrow, is showing no signs of impending labor.

I wished her a Happy Mother's Day anyway.

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