Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Morning

Just typing that made me want to shop for homeschool supplies.

Yesterday the Mack-family came over and we beached it. We built a campfire on the beach and roasted hot dogs for lunch, and after the beach we came back here to regroup. Why regroup? Because our insane children think it's perfectly fine to swim in the Puget Sound in MAY. Not so much, guys. Yoiks.

Dinner was -- well it doesn't matter. The kids only ate the grilled corn. (which come now, we all expected to be the case.) We had fun! Lots of tired babies!

At the beach, G shredded her arm on some barnacles. This is 24 hours later, with constant green goo and bandaging. Those scrapes were deep, open gashes yesterday. It's healing nicely, so I am pleased with that!

D-meister is a styling fashion er, king.......


  1. Poor G I bet that HURT a LOT!!
    and D looks soo very handsome!!!

  2. my kids saw this and exclaimed "~N~" when they saw "~D~". They look so much alike!!!

    V hopes G is okay. She is worried.

  3. Her owies look lots better. Dami's do too since I slathered him up with greengoo and made him sleep with socks on.

    Lets just say that he is not going to be walking in the water without shoes anytime soon.

  4. ~D~ is absolutely beautiful!!! The color looks FAB on him!! And G Girl. So sorry. Owies like that aren't fun!!!