Friday, September 22, 2006


Montessori Mom linked to my site! Wow! Does that mean I am a real homeschooler now?

I am such a geek that this gave me warm, affirmation fuzzies. Kate, you can be sure I will be posting more details now!

Speaking of homeschooling, Schnaygirl and I got to show off the results of our efforts today. I can't not include her in this because she was truly instumental in getting me off my duff to DO it. It's awesome, and we're so happy with it.

We had some of our favorite ladies over for lunch today to send off our beautiful Brazilian goddess on her two month trip home. Alas, I did not finish the earrings, but she did choose the pattern she wanted so I have a direction for her :cough cough: Christmas gift. She got chocolate, then, for her belated birthday.

Some higher power sprinkled good-behaviour dust on all our children, because it was truly an idyllic day, to such extent that the kids actually let the mothers eat at the table AND the sun came out just at coffee and dessert, so we all transitioned nicely to the backyard.

I really enjoyed having them over, and I thought about those who couldn't make it. Indiegirl took some pictures of the kids, and I've included some of the ones of mine here.


  1. Wow. You are famous!!! Excellent work, ***Y. :)

  2. or infamous. :)

    That's cool.

  3. That is really cool - I know one can say that all the validation that you need is your kids doing so well, but WOW it is so wonderful to get it from outside!

  4. Your blog is wonderful! You have a real talent for writing! Your kids look so happy in the photos.