Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Whoops-- no, really.......

A RT friend called me to fuss that I needed to not be so obscure in my blog entries. After some discussion, where this good friend told me I needed to talk to my friends about my concerns instead of the ether, it occurred to me that the preceding (now hidden for a while) entry could be taken very, very wrong.

If you're reading this, then I was not talking about you. I have very good, close friends IRT as well as online and I am no way dissatisfied with those loyal and true friends. In fact, I wrote recently on a message board about my real-time friends that they are all nurturing and positive, for both my children and me.

The previous blog entry covered everything in my life from my marriage, my relationship to God and former friends, to my frustration at not being able to hold Carmen, to my automotive troubles and my new side effects to my happy pills. I am sitting here curious about the current state of our affairs, and that's where I am. Curious, contemplative.

I am no longer depressed (I think). I am not writing from a seat of anger. (Just for general reference, I usually don't do that either.)

So thank you. Thank you to the friend concerned enough to call me, and to those ladies who commented here. But I am ok, really I am. I am just musing right now, and nothing much more than that.

After all, I have a van again.


  1. You know I read the other post before and was sorta wondering. I am glad you are ok and you clarified that. I am soooo happy for the roots you have made where you are and somewhat jealous to have the same in my new northern home. I know I don't call you but I think of you all the time. I am glad you are feeling better and things are falling into place. I think that sometimes we have those bumps in the road just to get our lives in check. ((HUGS))

  2. You know we love you!!!

    **SMOOCH** **SMOOCH**

    and we are ALWAYS here with you!!


  3. Hey. I'm been thinking about you lately. Want to come visit next week?

  4. want to come visit ME?!?!?! The pool will be done in 2 weeks!!! Come on down and squat for a spell!!

  5. I love you too, and share your frustration. can't wait for the day you two meet nose to nose.