Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have been under the weather for a few days, hence the flurry of activity on my blog. My stalwart denial that got me through the first bout of sickness in my household-- which in fact, seems to have kept me from getting it-- failed me for this last bit. At least this one was fairly gentle, except for the coughing-so-no-sleep part.

Yesterday, the sun came out after several snowy days. While it remained cold, we had N-man's last day at theater class to attend and some errands to run, so we just ate lunch and left. G-girl was having a day out at Daddy's office and the boys and I just toodled. We stopped by the Botanical Conservatory in Tacoma, where the boys genuinely enjoyed all the flowers. The one that struck us the most was not in bloom-- a "Giant Bird of Paradise." Wouldn't you be impressed by the head on that? Now the boys are as worked up about gardening this year as G-girl and I are.

We left there and parked down at Freighthouse Square to take the train in to the theater district. Despite the ambient reek (more of the Aroma of Tacoma) from the old, old timber and tar from its original construction, it is a great example of reclaimed spaces and urban hubs. In addition to the funky shops and unusual food court, the Sounder (Puyallup to Seattle) commuter train departs from there, as does the Tacoma Light Rail, a free electric train that seams downtown Tacoma. There is even free parking in the garage for those who take the light rail, but I have yet to find the right entrance for said free parking.

Little Boys. Free Train Ride. You do the math.

While wandering around, we discovered a new festival (yay!) that will be right up our alley. April is already filling up but I hope we have time to attend The Spring Fairy Festival!