Monday, March 30, 2009

This is where I get boring

I can breathe! I have been spending my time turning seedlings into starts, putting them in slightly larger peat pots, if I have them and nursery pots when I don't. I was unprepared for how fast and furious these seedlings would grow. It's been fantastic.

I am not even 70 %-- I am still coughing a little painfully and I get fatigued easily. Before the past month I would say I am SICK. However, in contrast to said month, I feel like a spring chicken. Gratitude! It's all about the gratitude!

And genius-- two shiny red shovels from home depot make for busy little boys all day long. They ate breakfast-- then went outside. YAY!

Last year's garden is still giving-- I have collards out there, chard, kale and one very gigantic leek. I am going to go take a pitchfork out there and look for carrots and potatoes.


  1. YAY for last year's leftovers!! I'm way impressed by your gardening drive this year!

  2. Complete jealousy (about the garden) LOL!!! Hope you feel better. Rob is currently attempting to plant stuff in raingutters w/ fish tank rocks and also in used plastic soda bottles using the fish ponds nutrients. Check out the pics on facebook :)