Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peter Pan

N-meister was on stage yesterday, fearlessly and joyfully, as Boy #2 in Peter Pan. At least, a skit from Peter Pan. The teacher in his class at Broadway Center nailed it when she chose to have her class of 4 to 6 year olds run around on stage in their PJs singing "We can fly, we can fly!" It was truly adorable, and the audience couldn't help but laugh at the spectacle of it. We are happy to report, Nick was among those who remembered their lines and blocking.

The other classes were entertaining and exuberant, and I felt some comfort when my two kids in the audience with us not only sat through the hour, but did it with rapt attention to the stage. They recognized the skits from Annie, mouthing the words to the song along with the actors.

As for our actor, we brought him home after the cookie social ....

("Honey I am sorry, I don't think we can get through this crowd to get to the cookies,"

"Oh, I can GET through!")

.....and P-daddy fed him a dinner of fried shrimp. After supper, where he ate way too many shrimp, he lay on the couch and said "Daddy I really can't move." P-daddy carried him to bed, where he slept and maybe dreamed of Neverland.

Mom forgot both the flowers and the camera, so we only have these cameraphone shots of him onstage after the sharing was over. I think we will remember just fine. I had an acute awareness of being in the moment while we were sitting there, P-daddy with our kids, waiting to see N-meister come on stage. This is what the journey is; celebrating these little milestones along the way, but not our own. We were there with and for our kids. It was cool.

This morning we woke early to motion outside, which is alarming to those so sightless as we are without our glases. I squinted and realized the trees were white and the snow was coming DOWN. Argh, March in Washington. P-daddy's comment was apropos: "It was NOT supposed to do that today!" As of this moment we've gotten three inches on the rainbow bar and it's still a-coming.


  1. Well, enjoy your snow. We got some Friday and yesterday, but now the sun is shining and the wind is blowing steadily. March in New Mexico!

  2. So this is why I HAD to watch "Finding Neverland" this weekend. :wub