Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well it didn't work

the sun didn't show and it sprinkled all day--but we had a fabulous time. FABULOUS! FABULOUS!

Nikirj and MacAttack came over with their three kids each. If we'd had sun, more people would have showed but it was probably perfect the way it was. All the kids got along well together and their field trip to the low tide beach was fun to watch.

I should probably note that all but two of the children were waiting just outside the front door while MacAttack and I gathered the last of the bags and food (which we didn't eat on the beach anyway, because it was too wet down there). When Nikirj appeared in the front door to check on them, they literally ran down the street toward the beach, her own toddlerness in tow. So she phoned us en route to let us know that "we aren't in the front yard anymore, and your boys don't have coats on."

Investigating the little critters and learning about what they eat and how they move made for great fun for all of them, and the tide was so low we could get to the abandoned pier, where the little monkeys climbed for a while before deciding hot chocolate and cookies was incentive enough to eave the beach.

Not before one of our little monkeys decided to lick a fiddler crab, which decided to latch on. We think the fiddler crab is probably in the sewer system now.

The vortex took hold, and even got me too, because by the time we all straggled back to our house, P-daddy was home. That really jarred me, because I had no idea it was 5.30. So we had cookies as promised, then cobbled together an appetizer / soup /sandwich bar supper for everyone. It was cool. Even with a toddler jumping off the new bunk bed-- I guess it's ok because she landed on her feet!

And MacAttack brought us SAUSAGE! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

More pix on nikirj's blog!


  1. Aw, FUN!!!! Glad you all had a good time.

  2. I think the phrase was "unstoppable inertia"......

  3. Can you believe we just got back from down there again?

    It was colder and wetter, though, so we turned back early.

  4. Ok, I kept meaning to comment on this. P nearly scared me out of my skin, showing up as I was headed through your door. I had no clue it was that late.

    Yes, the children, they had unstoppable inertia. There was no stopping them.