Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Still Spring Cleaning

It amazes me how much cleaning one house can tolerate, particularly when you have five people and a zoo. I am not talking about the regular ho-hum stuff, I am talking about the wonderful everything else.... the windows, the gutters, the sidewalks, the interior walls.... the spaces behind the appliances. Everything. Compulsive neat freaks really need to own homes. And maybe visit mine. A lot.

Almost done with the boys' room. Their nightlights are installed and that half is painted. D slept two nights in, then yesterday decided diapers were GREAT and he needed to stay up until 11 PM. So he slept with us. I am not crushed; I've had three children, so I get it by now that we're still headed in the right direction even if he needs to backpedal a bit. That's a lot for a little guy.

Friends coming over today. I think I will finally bust out the wiggle room junk.

Ok so I didn't do that. But I did enjoy my friends' company! And the sun came out! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!


  1. I pulled out my stove and cleaned under/behind it on Monday. Holy crap, was that ever DISGUSTING. We didn't do it even when we moved in (not even after that grease fire from previous tenant's crap under the burners).

  2. I hear ya on the Spring Cleaning, it feels like it never ends. I cleaned behind the fridge the other day and OMG! dust.... YUK!

  3. LOL!!! Well enjoy the sunshine! :)