Sunday, March 04, 2007

He says he is a baby....

and I will gladly go along with that because, after all, he is my baby. But this week he has voluntarily ditched the binky ( "the chickens ate it Mommy!" ), started wearing underwear full time in the house, and has refused to use the toilet inset for several days.

So, baby or not, he's feeling his boyness and we're going to reward he and his brother with the long-promised bunk beds. Our assumption has been that we'd get a set that matches G's, but Schnaygirl gave P-daddy a tip for a deal he couldn't refuse, and those are the beds we went with. They were inexpensive enough to match-beat IKEA on the beds I wanted so I was fine with it!

Anyway, whether he migrates to his bed is at his discretion, because he has gone through some big developmental milestones recently, but should he choose to add sleeping independently-- beneath big bro, of course--to this list, we're certainly going to enable him!

Bye bye, random, leftover, snowboarder dude! The before shots (as always, click to see):

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