Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We're having a troll problem on my favorite message board, so I temporarily disabled my blog while I took care of bidness over there. We're back up. To our so exciting, scintillating, earth-shaking revelations.

All the things I want to write about I can't because the blog is so public anyway. I like it that way, but I want to ramble on about things that are private in nature. I want to talk about my pregnant friends, but that stuff is theirs to tell. I want to talk about the blessingways another friend and I are planning for our beloved mommies, but I can't because that would ruin the pleasure of the details. I want to talk about my marriage, but the contents of those kinds of discussions aren't appropriate for what is largely a blog about my homeschooling, and the issues I have are subtle to the extent that a reader who doesn't know us both wouldn't get it anyway.

So I am feeling very odd. Odd indeed!

I made a new category label just for this post.