Friday, March 30, 2007

OOOO another hobbit house

Another earthship type house. I am fully cognizant of my in-the-dream place right now, but I hope to infect Paul with the possibilities that we have before us. I like our house fine, except that it's wholly grid dependent. It would be fine as a passive solar house, but whoever built it oriented it improperly on the lot, so it actually superheats the house during the summer, rather than cools it. There's no feasible way to retrofit that, so I can just dream of another plat of land....somewhere.....

It's much more rustic than what I want to actually live in but I am thinking this would be a fab playhouse!


  1. Ack, the images are not showing up for me.

  2. If it's not showing for you, click the link in the title and the pictures will magically appear.