Thursday, March 22, 2007

A lot like pizza

Nikirj couldn't conceive of a pizza made with tofu as a crust, so I made some "pizza bites" to show her how it's done.

The recipe is taken from Fran McCullough's tome The Low Carbohydrate Cookbook.

Once the tofu is sliced then and pressed out, you pan fry it:

Add salt, pepper, and herbs to taste:

Add the cheese and sauce:
Run it under the broiler for crisping:

Finis! And it's tasty!


  1. How are ya doing on the Low Carb Diet? I am thinking of trying it, could I talk you into sharing your goods at TRT? :)

  2. OK, now tell me how I can make a big enough slice for that not to look like a PITA and I'll be sold ;).

  3. Well, smarty pants, I was using a half block of tufu. If you use a big one, you get real sized slices! :)