Saturday, September 09, 2006

Super Speedy Day

For the first time in a year, I drove to nikirj's house and it was uneventful.

We simple got in the van and drove there. Then when it came time to leave, we drove home. It was little over an hour each way. No traffic, no tantrum issues, no scary knocking noises or magic smoke. For those who are local, hearing numbers like 16, 5, 405 and 90 in a sequence can send one into shivering terror like Hurley on a LOST episode. We lucked out. It was beautomous.

I have now cut 4 heads of hair in one week. Who's next?


  1. Lory - that article is amazing - and you know how hard it hits home with what Belle went through last year. Love of learning is what I spoke with her teacher about this year.

    As for the other situation, I do have to say, I think it is wrong to let children come to school for the last few weeks for parties, I just do - I could go into it, but for now, I will just say that would rake me the wrong way too.

    I love that you are using the resources of your schools, in an organized way. That I think is great. The Lutheran school where we do PK (but it is a K-8) is actively promoting their program for Homeschoolers. They totally want to partner with them and are willing to do whatever to make it work. I know the lady in charge and she has a heart of gold.

  2. YAHHHH for an uneventful trip. Coming from the drama queen I somewhat understand where your coming from.

  3. *LOL* Those numbers ain't so scary. Oh yeah, that's right, you haven't lived her long enough to have 522 or 2 mean anything to you. Considering I learned to drive on 2, everything else is easy breezy

    Why not take 16, 5, 512, 167, 18 to 90?

    It seems like more but I find that 167, 18 to be a lot faster than a 405. Especially when I'm headed out past Fall City and all that rot to get to the river.