Monday, September 11, 2006

Luscious Links

I was tagged to give up some of my homeschool kiddie links. I have so many, it was difficult to narrow down to just five. These are some barely representative ones.

Homeschool Lesson Plans -- Good way to get some ideas when you've hit the doldrums

Montessori Mom--One of my favorite Montessori homes on the web. This mom did not play around. Further, she takes pictures of each and every activity her homeschool offers and describes how it was made and what its intention is. I completely aspire to that kind of cataloging, because I am just that nerdy.

Golden Beads Online
-- Montessori math manipulatives in an online form

Starfall / Study Dog -- These two have a similar place in our homeschool, so they are up here.

SFS Kids -- a fun place to learn about and compose music

I put the rest here

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  1. I will forever be grateful for the day you told me about Starfall. I love that site!

    Thank you for sharing your links. :)