Saturday, September 16, 2006

She got her slap on the wrist

Tina Carlsen will not serve any more jail time for "kidnapping" her son. Her attorneys struck a plea deal for her, and the state of Washington graciously admitted that what she did was with the best intent. She can stay out of jail if, at least for the next year, she is a good girl and does just what the doctors order for Riley. I am slightly disappointed, as I think she should have been acquitted, but it's clear she's doing what she thinks will get her back with her son the fastest.

In the meantime, (who didn't see this coming??) Riley has been started on dialysis at home. The surgery, which was supposed to be a just-in-case-he-needs-it-someday measure, was performed this summer. So now they've committed this baby to this irreversible medical course of action.

The custody hearing is next month. I hope the family has the opportunity to be reunited. And then I hope she and her baby get the hell out of Dodge.

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  1. I despise this whole situation. Never should have happened. NEVER.