Monday, September 25, 2006

Today is our anniversary

We were married today, 2557 days ago. He left this morning at 5AM for a four day business trip. That nicely sums up the current state of affairs, from my perspective. He's gone a lot pre-dawn, and too exhausted most days when he comes home truly to care where he is.

Money is tight--not too tight, but not diamond-jewelry, new-TV giftable either. Not that we celebrate in that manner, anyway. We're pretty subdued for most of our stuff. 7 years just seemed important to me somehow, like the 7 year itch could be kept more fully at bay if we had a wonderful day together. He's taking Friday off since he'll have been gone all week. His boss ragged on him a bit, "Why are you taking Friday off when you hadn't planned on taking Monday off anyway?" Personally, I think that's a good question.

I'm trying not to be bummed, but I am. His idea for an anniversary gift is one I love, however. We're going to plant an apple tree in the front yard this weekend, when he comes back. REALLY sappy line from a bad movie, but one I like for today:

I'd rather fight with you any day, than make love to anyone else


  1. Happy Anniversary Sweetie - you know I get it.

  2. Happy Anniversary. I was with out a husband on our anniversary too. Actually we did NOTHING to celebrate it! You are in good company!