Thursday, September 07, 2006

I would really enjoy it if my Aunt would visit

I speak truly of any of my family members, but at this point I am referring to my Aunt Flo. I am feeling unhinged and I can't stand it. I should pop some EPO and be done with it.

A friend of mine is leaving for her native South American country, for over two months, soon. They leave on our seventh anniversary. It has taken me months to find the perfect base for some earrings I am making her, but I am so slow with taking time to myself to craft. I would really like these to be for her recent birthday, but it may end up being a Christmas gift.

Yesterday when I had to go to the school again, Schnaygirl watched the kids for me. My house has been coming along sufficiently that she had to use her son's diapers to change D. She didn't know where I keep my diapers!!!!!! I have always had clean dry diapers laying around in a laundry basket, waiting to be put away. I thought that came under the slack but funny category. (I store them under my side of the bed in an underbed container from G's old crib)

G woke up this morning a little too early for her. She was so excited last night that the extra classes were coming through, that she had a hard time sleeping. She kept getting up and wandering out while I was enjoying my LOST fest on DVD. Poor thing woke up this morning, stirred up trouble with her brothers, got her breakfast and vitamins, then put on some sleepy tunes and went back to bed.

This is a large nothing of a post but I wanted something, anything up here in place of my DRAMA this week.

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