Friday, July 14, 2006

When the house is clean I feel wealthy

Ability is a poor man's wealth.
John Wooden

I've been on a two day push to get things beyond acceptable. We all know acceptable. And with three children under 6, one of whom is 18 mos old, and a homeschool room? Fuhggeddaboutit.

Still, I have pushed. The laundry is done. I saw the bottom of several hampers before the end of the day. Not just the clothes; the bedding is clean and fresh on all bed. The napkins and dish towels all clean and put away.

The newly repaired vacuum is back to it's formerly raging self. I had forgotten how good this vacuum was until we got it back. It has been less than par for some time now. Now, it propels itself along quite nicely. Insta-clean! WooT! Every room.

I scrubbed the bathrooms. I cleaned the pets and their bedding.

The schoolroom office is somewhat disheveled, but I can forgive myself because every other room is not just picked up, it's clean.

I suspect this will last about two days, but if I continue on my rave I will get it back to motivated-moms-maneagable. I have enlisted the children, given them new family chores and they're not resisting too much. I was not a raving lunatic when I assigned them so I am sure that had something to do with it. Food! I still fed them, and actually washed the dishes immediately after!

I feel wealthy because I am not tripping over things. I don't have mystery odors. The carpet (albeit stained) feels lush beneath our toes. In my single and professional lives, I was no stranger to resorts, and one thing I got to know real quick was that beauty was the facade. Gorgeous acreage, spectacular views and beautiful architecture, all yes! Bathrooms? Still grouted. Carpets? Still just... carpet. The difference for me between being home or being in a resort is that I don't have to clean.

So when things are so clean at the start of the day that I don't feel pressure, I feel wealthy.


  1. Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!! May you be sinking your toesies in lush, clean carpet (9all weekend))!! (-: Such a good feeling!

    And what a day you had the other day! I love those impromptu adventures, too! The kind that evryone gets along, everyone finds something of interest, and youc an see where their interest lie.

  2. damn woman. wanna do my house next?

  3. Clean houses are niiiiiice. I'm trying to clean mine. See where I am? On the computer? Yeaaaaahhhh....