Thursday, July 06, 2006

Riley is with his Dad

That part makes me rant less. I wanted this baby (a BABY, PEOPLE!!!!!!!) with someone who loves him as he deserves to be loved. There was no way to maximize that child's health and recovery while he is away from the people who provide him home, in every sense of it. At least this Dad likes Carlsen, and perhaps this is a firt step in returning that child home.

I got this cowardly, well-timed response from the Governor's Office minutes after the verdict was publicized. I wanted "investigation" to be a word in this letter. Jibberish.

Thank you for writing to Governor Gregoire about Riley Rogers, the 9-month old who has now had the surgical procedure necessary for him to be treated for his kidney condition.

As a mother, herself, the Governor can appreciate how difficult these past weeks must have been, not only for Riley's family but also for the physicians who felt there was no alternative but to seek court intervention in this case.

There are no easy answers in sensitive medical cases, like this one, that involve conflicting views about treatment. The hospital and the mother are both considering the child's best interests. This case ended up in the court system because current law prevents a physician from overriding a parent's decision. It is unfortunate that this private, personal matter could not have been resolved in some other way - the Governor can imagine that the decisions made by both sides were very difficult.

Governor Gregoire thanks you for contacting her.

Angela M. Gregg
Governor's Staff
Christine O. Gregoire