Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ken Schram? On my blog?

Ken Schram has never been a favorite of mine due to his outspoken, obnoxious and incorrect remarks about nursing in public. But this week instead of ranting about the Victoria's Secret Nurse in, he chose to speak about the Carlsen-Rogers case.

This is my response to him:
Thank you very much for writing about Tina Carlsen and Riley Rogers. Regardless of what led Carlsen to disagree with the physicians treating her son and whatever other treatments she had in mind, the fact that they lied to DSHS, law enforcement agencies and the media makes this a scary story. When a medical body pledged to "first, do no harm" promotes false information to use other public service agencies to bludgeon a family into compliance, that medical body needs to be held to close scrutiny.
Many families in this region are waiting with bated breath to see what comes to light in this case. Are they capable of stealing our children, too? I appreciate you bringing this into a wider public forum, as these questions must be addressed.

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