Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend Mode

Yesterday I donned the chef uniform again for the first time in nearly two years, and went back to work. 7 hours and some owchie feet later, I came home to my family. Everyone was in the back yard, so I unloaded while I listened to the kids play and P-Daddy talk his manly gruntspeak with his friend Schnayboy while they grilled BBQ ribs. How summer-Saturday is that? Schnaygirl came over to join her honey and their Schnaybaby and brought her boss potato salad. One of the best parts? I did nothing. The men planned it themselves. MAJOR progress, there, chicas-who-read-this.

Today I was uncharacteristically not-game-for-anything. Nothing. It's 2.41 and I am in public-appropriate PJs, but PJs nonetheless. I just wanted to hang around with the family. No plans, no schedule, no planned activities, nuffin.

N got a hairtrim this morning and is now next door playing with their boy. Their girl is over here, coloring with G. The girls and I have already spent some time together playing alphabet bingo and CHESS! Neighborgirl, at age 7 plays a proud game of chess. Talkabout nerdy Lory happiness. My girl? Playing chess with her friend? On purpose? Liking it?! AHHHHHHHH.

Loving it!

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  1. Dude. This is Kate. I think you should work more often if that means you'll be pampered like that. I'm hungry!