Sunday, July 23, 2006

More of the same

P-Daddy has been home to help entertain the kiddies but we have the west windows (the entire back of our house is west facing) covered in blankets for that trailer-chic look. It doesn't cool it down any but it does block the sun. Yesterday we went into Seattle for his corporate picnic at Woodland park and then we had dinner at ChezSchnay. They have a split level so at least there was some pseudo-basement chill happening.

I am running around in the early AM getting the chores done while it's not so hot inside, so that we can just "be" in the afternoons. Unfortunately the heat isn't fading at sundown like we've grown accustomed to, so our I-don't-want-to-move stupor continues well into the evening. I grew up in this (we didn't get a/c until I was at least nine years old in semi-tropical SC) and I am remembering how to handle it, but the rest of my poor family is just wilting. G can't sleep in her room because she has a loft bed and is about nine inches from the ceiling. That's GREAT during the winter here, but imossible to withstand now.

I know if we had a/c we would most certainly abuse it and use it far more often than necessary. However, this house in particular is not built for withstandng a heat wave. It's built, successfully and awesomely, to capture as much sun as possible in a moderate climate. It's difficult to get a true draft going and that is frustrating me to no end. Today it was 89.6 inside the house until 9 PM.

I know this entry is rambling but hey. I'm uncomfortable.


  1. Sorry your still heat stricken. I personally say just go sit in water and only get out for cool drinks, ice cold melon, and sunscreen ;)

  2. celestialdreamerJuly 24, 2006 11:37 AM

    OMG I hate this weather! I am a complete grouch!